For Gideon, photos reveal the passage of time

For many inmates, time seems to stand still. The outside world races onward, but prisoners remain stuck in neutral. Recently, photos sent by Gideon’s daughter reminded him that time continues to fly by on the outside. As his hometown, Nashville, has sped along, he has stagnated. Continue reading


Revealed: hep C treatment in prison

Editor’s note: While this blog follows Gideon Walletsky’s time in prison, it’s important to remember that many of his experiences are shared by thousands of inmates across the United States. From time to time, Gideon’s stories will serve as a starting point in examining larger issues in America’s prison system. This installment of Revealed takes a look at the difficulty of getting proper care for hepatitis C in prison.

Getting proper medical care in prison can be incredibly difficult. Gideon has been frustrated by the prison medical system for 20 years. He knows that simple things like seeing a doctor and getting common prescriptions can be near impossibilities. Continue reading

Life before lockup: 20 years in prison

Twenty years have come and gone since Gideon last tasted life outside prison walls. That’s a long time for anyone; it’s even longer for an inmate. In prison, minutes seem like hours, days stretch on like weeks, and months slowly grind into years. Continue reading


Prison life: sugar mamas, Facebook, and cigarettes

When his friend’s sugar mama didn’t send $25 as expected, Gideon knew it would lead to trouble. Gideon and his friend had been using the sugar mama’s money to buy tobacco, and they already had the latest batch in hand. They knew they would have to pay for it. Continue reading


Gideon tries to evict filthy cellmate

When you live in a cramped, cinder-block box, small changes in living arrangements have a big impact. So when Gideon realized his new cellmate (we’ll call him Max) hadn’t showered in three days, he knew the new guy would be a problem.  Continue reading