Hotel monkey washer: Gideon’s stay with a gang leader

Gideon was puzzled when a guard he didn’t know suddenly forced him to move into a new cell without explanation on April 7, a Friday. It was true that he had filled out paperwork to move in with a friend, but he was assigned to a completely different cell with a completely different celly. The worst part: The move broke up a cell of two monkey washers (gang leaders), and Gideon was now forced to live with the Gangster Disciples’ second-in-command. Continue reading


Prison drug dealers hold Gideon’s TV ransom

When Gideon realized he would struggle to pay his most recent drug bill a week ago, he thought he understood the potential consequences. In the past, unpaid debts led to prison drug dealers threatening to stab or beat him, but the dealers took a different approach this time. Instead of threatening violence, they took away his lifeline to the outside world and sole source of entertainment: They confiscated his TV and refused to return it until he paid them. Continue reading

Drug binges take toll on Gideon’s family, wallet

When Gideon called his daughter to ask for $25 in early December, she knew what had happened at once. She has heard the story before. She knew he needed help paying a drug bill. Continue reading


Gideon Walletsky: a troubled life

Gideon Walletsky is serving a life sentence without parole for first-degree murder. No, Gideon is not his real name. Yes, the stories and accounts you read here are true. Continue reading