Prison drug dealers hold Gideon’s TV ransom

When Gideon realized he would struggle to pay his most recent drug bill a week ago, he thought he understood the potential consequences. In the past, unpaid debts led to prison drug dealers threatening to stab or beat him, but the dealers took a different approach this time. Instead of threatening violence, they took away his lifeline to the outside world and sole source of entertainment: They confiscated his TV and refused to return it until he paid them. Continue reading


For Gideon, photos reveal the passage of time, part 2

People in prison know how important the small things are. To people on the outside, simple pictures of skyscrapers and Christmas lights may not seem like much, but everyday photos are priceless to inmates. For inmates, photos reveal the passage of time, provide a connection to the outside world, and kick-start their memories. Continue reading

For Gideon, photos reveal the passage of time

For many inmates, time seems to stand still. The outside world races onward, but prisoners remain stuck in neutral. Recently, photos sent by Gideon’s daughter reminded him that time continues to fly by on the outside. As his hometown, Nashville, has sped along, he has stagnated. Continue reading


Life before lockup: 20 years in prison

Twenty years have come and gone since Gideon last tasted life outside prison walls. That’s a long time for anyone; it’s even longer for an inmate. In prison, minutes seem like hours, days stretch on like weeks, and months slowly grind into years. Continue reading