Revealed series

The Revealed series uses Gideon’s life to examine broader issues in the American prison system. In his more than 20 years in prison, he has faced many situations that are common in prisons across the nation. If you or a loved one has experienced a similar situation in prison or jail, let us know by posting a comment on one of the pages.


Revealed: Hidden costs of incarceration burden inmates’ families

Most people assume inmates get many things—for example, food and personal supplies—for “free,” but that’s not always the case. Yes, inmates’ basic necessities are provided by the prison system, but their families are expected to pay for an array of items related to their care.


Revealed: Prison dental care leaves Gideon ‘chewing like a beaver’

For many people, a trip to the dentist is an open invitation for strangers to pry into their mouths with all sorts of medieval-looking implements. It’s a torture session at worst, an uncomfortable inconvenience at best. But for inmates with serious dental issues, the hope of healing overshadows the discomfort of going to the dentist.


Revealed: hep C treatment in prison

Getting proper medical care in prison can be incredibly difficult. Gideon has been frustrated by the prison medical system for 20 years. He knows that simple things like seeing a doctor and getting common prescriptions can be near impossibilities.



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